Moving From Blogger To WordPress

By: Ryan Kienstra on: October 13, 2014  in: Programming

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Blogger sites migrate to WordPress well.

I recently moved a Blogger site to a WordPress self-hosted site.

As you would expect from Google, the code for the posts was great. After importing it in WordPress, all of the formatting was the same as on Blogger. The images and videos looked the same.

You may want to use a lightbox plugin for the images. The images link to the file, so clicking on them will show the whole image on a blank page. My Bootstrap Swipe Gallery plugin works well with Blogger imports if you have a Bootstrap theme.

See a post on the site.

Blogger is a good place to try out blogging. You can even¬†buy a domain name and point it to your Blogger account. If you ever switch to WordPress, you won’t lose any traffic.

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