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Responding To WordPress Plugin Support Topics

By: Ryan Kienstra on: May 27, 2018  in: Communication, Plugins plugin support topics are a good way to know how real people are using your plugin. They’re also a chance to win back people that have doubts. Here are some points that have helped me in responding to plugin support topics. Be Personal Thanks for letting me know about this. Using “me” and “I” […] Read more

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Meetings As A Developer

By: Ryan Kienstra on: January 10, 2018  in: Communication

Here are some points that have helped me in meetings, working at XWP: Watch Yourself Watch meeting recordings, if they exist. Or make Quicktime videos of yourself explaining technical issues. For example, I look a little too serious, especially talking about technical topics. So I work on smiling more. Talk Slowly I tend to talk quickly, […] Read more